Should you choose to make a donation in Andy's name please feel free to donate to the organizations below (or the charity of your choice). All three of the following organizations have been set up to dedicate your donation to Andy.

Bering Omega Community Services

Provides a wide range of healthcare and social services focused on assisting people with HIV/AIDS including programs for oral health, housing, day treatment and a residential hospice.

To donate online click on the link below. Once you click the “Donate” button in the “purpose” box is the place to dedicate the donation to Andy.

Depression Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA)

Provides community support groups for those suffering from bipolar and chronic depressive illnesses.

To donate online click on the link below. About half way down the page is a box for “dedication” which is the place to acknowledge Andy. Also if you check the “dedication acknowledgment” box they will send an acknowledgement card to Ken.

Mental Health America of Greater Houston

Advocates within the community for those with mental illnesses, links individuals to mental health services and provides education on mental illness to the community including churches and law enforcement.

To donate online click on the link below. At the bottom of the box after you enter the amount of your donation is a drop-down box “donation type”, please choose “memorial donation”. On the next screen will be the box “Memorial Name” to acknowledge Andy.